SSC Member Management System

Welcome to our information page for the new SSC Member Management System (MMS), formerly referred to as the SSC database. To access MMS visit

Update, October 24, 2015: Credit Card payments are now active within MMS. If you wish to utilize this method of payment then you can enable it by selecting the checkbox on each of your programs. You can also now choose between accepting Credit Card and or PAD for each program. When you edit your organization settings you have the ability to set the defaults for Credit Card and PAD. You will need to have completed your signup for a Peloton Account to utilize both Credit Card and PAD.

Update, October 1, 2015: An updated info sheet describing Peloton Accounts and the fees is available. The paperwork to enable credit card payments continues to progress and it is looking like early next week for the go live on credit card payments. The automated invoicing for dues is still under development and will be released soon. We will provide detailed guides and run demonstrations for you and your accounting people when it’s ready to be released.

With this system the preferred approach for member registration is to have members register and create their own accounts. It only takes 2 minutes to complete so even if a club has completed a paper registration process clubs may still want to follow this process. Click to view a document detailing how to follow this process.

As previously stated clubs can use the Pre-Registration screens to prompt a member to create their account and then add the member to the program afterwards, but we do encourage clubs and members to try the above process first.

Those who wish to take the alternative approach of Pre-Registration may have many people to enter and can request a spreadsheet template which Peloton Technologies will use to load the pre-registration area for the club. Note: This is one spreadsheet per organization, and if you have around 30 members it will be quicker for you to enter them yourself then for us to load them.

For a list of frequently asked questions visit

Below are several short video tutorials to help system administrators and members use MMS. If you are a club system administrator and were not able to attend one of the live training sessions, but would like access to the testing website used for these tutorials please contact OSSA.

A note about the tutorials: these have been created using the test database system so you may notice some glitches or minor errors. These will not appear in the live MMS. If you are using the live MMS and notice any problems please please contact OSSA to let us know.