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Canada Winter Games Short Track Trials

The Canada Winter Games Short Track Trials (ST Trials) will be held in Cambridge from Friday December 7th to Sunday December 9th. The meet will be run concurrently with the Ontario Elite Circuit #3 meet.

 The top 16 male and top 16 female skaters within the CWG age restrictions (14-18 years old on July 1, 2018) based on combined 500m+1500m time on the 111m track will be eligible to race in the ST Trials. Times must be skated between August 1, 2018 and November 12, 2018. Times must be from a gender-specific, SSC sanctioned event.

Skaters who wish to compete in the ST Trials must submit their best 500m and 1500m time (and the date and location skated) to the OSSA office (sportmanager@ontariospeedskating.ca) by November 12 at 11:59pm. Skaters must also submit their best 1000m time (and date and location skated) for seeding purposes for that distance.

The list of the top 20 eligible male and female skaters will be published on November 16, 2018. This list will include 4 alternates to the ST Trials in each the male and female categories.

All eligible athletes (including the 4 alternates) must confirm their intent to compete in the ST Trials by November 20, 2018.

The final list of skaters in the ST Trials will be posted to the OSSA website on November 23, 2018.

Registration to compete in the ST Trials must be submitted to the provincial registrar by November 27, 2018.

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