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Club Relays at Ontario Elite Circuit #2

Ontario Elite Circuit #2 in Kitchener Waterloo will host Club Relays. Skaters will be divided into 4 relay brackets based on their fastest 400m or 500m time from OEC #1. If a skater did not race at OEC #1, their year end ranking time from 2017-2018 will be used. Club coaches will make teams of 4 skaters from the same club within a relay bracket. Clubs who cannot fill a relay team of 4 will make combined teams with skaters from other clubs to fill relay teams where necessary. Relay teams are encouraged to practice prior to the relay event; therefore, choosing to combine with local clubs is advised. 

Club coaches should email Julie Byers at sportmanager@ontariospeedskating.ca for access to a live Google Sheet of skaters in each bracket. Coaches should submit their club relays as soon as possible, ensuring that all skaters registered for the relay are also registered for OEC#2. Once a skater is registered for a team, Julie will remove the skater from the Google Sheet so that coaches can work together to make relay teams with available skaters.

Registration for relay teams will close Friday October 19th at 8:00pm.

Details about Club Relay formats can be found in the 2018-2019 OSSA Technical Bulletin on page 15.

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