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Time Based Entries for National Qualifier

Skaters wanting to apply for National Qualifier (February 1-3 in Montreal) with time based entry need to submit their best 500m and 1500m times skated between August 1st 2018 and January 7th, 2019 in an SSC sanctioned event with electronic timing to the OSSA office no later than 11:00am on Monday, January 7th by emailing sportmanager@ontariospeedskating.ca. Submitted times must meet the time standards below.

Please provide accurate times and the event where the times were skated. Pre-qualified skaters do not need to submit their times. Registration and payment is not required unless the athlete qualifies for the event.

Time Standard

Women: 3min 36sec based on combined 500m and 1500m times. (ex: 0:52+2:44)

Men: 3min 14sec based on combined 500m and 1500m times. (ex: 0:46+2:28)

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