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Time Based Entry for Canadian Junior Selections

Skaters looking to qualify for Canadian Junior Selections (formerly “Juniors 2”) March 15-17 in Sherbrooke QC, should submit their 500m and 1500m times skated between August 1st and February 18th in an SSC sanctioned event with electronic timing to the OSSA office no later than 11:59pm on Tuesday February 12th by emailing sportmanager@ontariospeedskating.ca. Please provide accurate times and the event where they were skated.

These times are due to the OSSA office prior to the SSC deadline because Julie, the Sport Manager, will be in Red Deer at the Canada Winter Games. If a skater skates a better time between February 12th and February 18th (ex - at CWG), please send a follow up email to notify Julie of the change. She will check her emails periodically for this purpose.

The list of prequalified skaters comes out on February 13th. Julie will monitor the entries and will not submit the times for any skaters who have prequalified. Skaters who are not sure if they have prequalified should submit their best times to the OSSA office anyway.

If you have any questions, please email Julie at sportmanager@ontariospeedskating.ca ahead of Tuesday February 12th.

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