Ontario athletes head to Quebec!

Good luck to all of our athletes representing Team Ontario at Canada East Short Track Championships this weekend! We are very proud to be sending 46 athletes this year. Congratulations to all skaters - we will be cheering for you! 

Friends and family, tune into the event by watching the livestream here!


Representing Team Ontario:

Girls 11: Izabella Zakatsiolo, Lucy Whaling, Genevieve De Wys, Jillian Reeves, Blanche Cardinal Tremblay, Zinna Irwin, Kayleigh Strong

Girls 12: Aaralyn McGill, Sasha Butterworth, Kiyomi McCausland, Sherise Gratton, Vivien Hayter, Alison Milne

Girls 13: Andria Scarpelli, Rachel Mallard, Yasmin Jackson, Ainsley Little, Daria Vogt, Noa Baergen

Girls 14: Hayley Murray, Danna Ballantyne, Olivia Hickey, Kristen Adourian, Kaelan Jolliffe, Jie-Soo Park

Boys 12: Seamus Keiley, Peter Andrews, Matthew Freitag, Owen Currie, Owen Duffy

Boys 13: Andrew Liou, Tyler Yue, Matthew Iannantuono, Reno Thompson, Kai Abdool

Boys 14: Daniel Bradley, Alexander Giannotti, Sam Galloway, Frank Feng, John Millar

Boys 15: Owen McKinley-Young, Nathan Kemp, Jeremy Na, Ariz Lalani, Adam Devellis


2017-2018 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program

Final List of Ontario Card Nominations Announced!

The Ontario Speed Skating Association is pleased to announce the final list of athletes who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2017-2018 Quest for Gold - Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by the Ontario Speed Skating Association, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by (the) Selection Committee.

Full Card Nominees:

Long Track: Keri Morrison, Jasmine Chase, Taylor White, Olivia Scott, Jake Weidemann, Jacob McKenzie, Richard MacLennan, Hayden Mayeur

Short Track: Maggie Beynon, Claudia Heeney, Mika Sun, Arye Richards, Gibson Himbeault, Mitchell Schrum

Half Card Nominees:

Long Track: Matthew Laxton, Max Brant, Caleb Hovey


2018 Short Track Summer Camp

The Ontario Speed Skating Association, in partnership with Nagano Skate, is pleased to announce the Short Track Summer Camp in Toronto, Ontario for speed skaters between the ages of 8-20!

This full-day camp for speed skaters includes two ice sessions per day, dryland training,
classroom activity sessions and a fully sanctioned competition for camp participants on August 4, 2018.

The camp will feature the High Performance coaching team from Nagano Skate: Eric Bédard,
Charles Hamelin, Francois Drolet and Kenan Gouadec!

For more information, please click here!


Provincial B/C updates

Start times for the Provincial B & C Championships have changed to accommodate the racing schedule.

Check in: 7:00-7:45 am

Coaches Meeting: 7:30am

Officials Meeting 7:45 am

Warm-ups 7:45 am

Opening Ceremonies 8:20 am

Racing Begins at 8:45 am


Ontario Winter Games results

Race results from the 2018 Ontario Winter Games are posted at