'Tuesday' Email moved!

Just a quick note for our members that might be expecting an email in their inbox today from OSSA to let you know that due to a Board meeting being held on Wednesday we will be sending it on Thursday instead.


Competition Calendar has been Updated!

View the calendar here.

Note, the only meet in question at this moment is the long track Canada Winter Games Trails, as we are working with Quebec on this.  


First Ranking List of the Year is now Available!

View the list here.

Notes on the ranking list:

  • The ranking list appears in club groupings so that coaches & presidents can check easily.
  • Everyone starts with their best PB from last season with a 0 alongside.
  • If NT is present, it means that the skater did not improve their time in that distance and coaches/presidents did not  inform us of their PB in that distance at the end of last season when asked.
  • Skaters with NT or blanks, thus having no total score, will have to skate the first ability meet of the season inorder to become active on the ranking list.
  • If you find any discrepancies please contact your coach or club president who can inform OSSA by Friday September 10th.
  •  After September 10th we will post an updated list in ranking order

Send us Photos!

We would love to post more member photos on our site, all we need are photo submissions!

If you have some photos you would like to share with other OSSA members please send them to jdeschenes@speedskatingontario.org and be sure to include photo titles and descriptions as well as the name of the photographer if available.  

Please make sure you have permission to publish the photos before you send them in.

Thank you!


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