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Officials Clinics 2016 - 2017


There are no clinics scheduled at this time.  

Please visit again in late summer.

Communications from Speed Skating Canada - update added March 2017.


Want to host a course? Head over to our online Library for the Education Roles & Responsibilities document to find out how!


There are a variety of positions that need to be filled at each meet including: recorders, timers, judges, announcers, referees, starters, and track stewards. Interested in becoming an official? Contact an official at your club or contact the OSSA Office to learn about the process and upcoming opportunities.

Visit Speed Skating Canada’s website (Officials Page) for details about the requirements for achieving certification. Administration for Levels 1 and 2 are managed within the province. Level 3 and higher is managed by Speed Skating Canada. New officials start at Level 1.

To achieve certification, officials will need to: attend the requisite officials clinic, obtain practical experience through participation at meets, and successfully complete performance evaluations. All officials should keep records about their participation at clinics and meets, and copies of any evaluations.


OSSA Certification Tracking Forms


 Official Assessment Forms

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