Safety Task Group

Made in Ontario Mat Regulations are here! Review the recommendations and let us know if you have questions. View rink diagrams by clicking on the rink name below. Please note, there is no definitive rink size standard for NHL rinks, and the rink width, length, corner arc etc vary. There diagrams represent the most standardized 85’ x 200’ NHL rink but measurements may vary a little within your environment.



Speed Skating Canada’s Red Book lists safety requirements for short track and long track. 

Safety Equipment Memo from Speed Skating Canada (September 2016)

Please see Section D - A Safe and Welcoming Environment for the latest equipment requirements.

Note the most current version of rule D3-100, particularly ankle protection and head protection for short track. Rest of Body: cut resistant suits are only required for SSC Championships and Selection/ International events.  

Video - recommendations for attaching crash pads (Safety Task Group)

Injury Tracking Form

Clubs are asked to submit a form for any injury that occurs during practice or competition (skater, coach, or other). Identifying trends will lead to improved safety measures for all.

Download Form - Updated February 2013




OSSA Concussion Policy

Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (Concussion Resources)

Short Track mat report (translated from French)

Analysis on crash pad protection for short track on boarded rinks - February 2012

Sport Information Resource Centre - Concussion information

Speed Skating Canada - Safety Resources 

Think First - Concussion information

Coaches Association of Ontario - Return to Play Webinars