Event Sanction Information

No competitive event may be held by any affiliated club unless it is sanctioned by the Association.  To apply for a sanction please submit a sanction application.  Clubs may also wish to submit a request for certificate of insurance form.  Links to both forms are below.  The application must be submitted at least thirty days prior to the event. If this application is not received complete within this timeframe a penalty of $15 will be levied against the applicant club.

If the sanction application and required documents are all approved and payment received, a Certificate of Sanction will be sent to the applicant via email.  A hard copy will be sent if requested.

Following completion of a sanctioned meet, the meet coordinator shall complete the administrative work as outlined in the OSSA Hosting Manual 2016-2017. Supporting documents are due to the Association within twenty-one days of the event. Check-in fees are due to the Association within ten days of the event.

2017-18 Sanction fees 

Sanction fee (club)

Maximum entry fee per individual

  Two day


  Two day


  One day


  One day


  ½ day


  Special Event Fee 


Note, check-in fee is waived for ½ day events

Check-in fee per individual



Below are a list of documents related to sanctioned meets that clubs may find useful. 

Pre-event Forms:

  1. Certificate of Insurance request *contact the OSSA office 844-677-6772
  2. Meet Announcement Template (updated July 14, 2017)
  3. Registration Form Template with Waiver and Assumption of Risk (November 2017)
  4. Sanction Application *contact the OSSA office 844-677-6772
  5. Track Certification
  6. If you are looking for the list of scheduled officials to fill in your volunteers please contact OSSA for the link.
  7. Club entry form for club recorders  (November 2017)
  8. Club entry form for club recorders - Special Olympic skaters (September 2017)

During & Post-event Forms:

  1. Injury Tracking Form - Please visit our Safety Task Group page for the most current version
  2. List of Officials - Excel version or PDF version (updated August 22, 2016)
  3. Sign-in Sheet for coaches - Excel version or PDF version (updated August 22, 2016)
  4. Meet Coordinator Post-Event report 844-677-6772
  5. Chief Referee Post-Event report *contact the OSSA office 844-677-6772 

 Visit the OSSA Library for the OSSA Hosting Manual, Announcer Handbook, Facility Guidelines booklet, and other resources.