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Did you know that a childrens book called Lucy Tries Short Track, written by Lisa Bowes and illustrated by James Hearne, was recently published? Olympia Trust Company has generously provided OSSA with some books to giveaway!


To kick off the giveaways we’re asking you to sign up for eNews. The names of everyone signed up by February 16th will be entered into a draw to win a free copy of the book. Just head over to the eNews sign up page to get on the list - it only takes a minute.


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News for the last week of January 2015


Canada Winter Games on TV!

Speed Skating Canada has just provided us with the broadcast schedule announced by TSN for the Canada Winter Games. Check it out at!


News This Week


Team Ontario heading to Saskatoon

Over 120 skaters raced in cold conditions this past weekend at the Provincial Long Track Championships in Ottawa.

Skaters in the Age Class event were vying for a spot to attend the Canadian Age Class Long Track Championships in Saskatoon (February 7-8, 2015).

Congratulations to the skaters who qualified for Team Ontario!

Girls 11: Kennedy Feasby (DUR), Claire Liew (MAR), Kaelan Jolliffe (GLO)

Girls 12: Claire Mallard (OTT), Kiera Bayne (OTT)

Girls 13: Rachel Freitag (OTT), Autumn Bland (CAM), Emma Grace Wheeler (STL), Kelsey Carr (MIL)

Girls 14: Emma Varden (TOR), Chloe Segal (STL), Daniella Sykes (DUR)

Ladies Open (15-29): Jeslyn Chantler (BAR), Sierra Johnson (MIL), Arielle Howell (MIL), Amanda Tickner (TOR), Taylor Saravanamuttoo (OTT), 1st alt Hannah MacDougall (CAM), 2nd alt Ellie Anderson (QUI), 3rd alt Krista Laing (DUR)

Boys 12: Aidan Van Beek (STL), Emil Hodzic-Santor (GLO), Nathaniel Leighninger (HAM)

Boys 13: Cole Rogerson (OTT), Erik Jolliffe (GLO), Max Cole (OTT), Ian Ramzy (KIN), Chris Langridge (KWL), 1st alt Sam Hurtubise (GLO)

Boys 14: Oliver Scharf (OTT), Max Brant (CAM), Connor Rogerson (OTT), Robert Gaudreault (OTT), Westley Yates (CAM), 1st alt Jaylen Gordon (OTT), 2nd alt Ian Babulic (GLO)

Boys 15: Charles Coupland (QUI), Adam Johnson (HAM)

Men’s Open (16-29): Zain Ahmed (TOR), Nick Gardner (DUR), Connor Taugher (STL), Richard Hooper (DUR), Jeremy Batt (OTT) 

Qualified skaters and alternates must submit their paperwork to before Wednesday, January 21st at 3:00pm to retain their position on Team Ontario.