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Seven Ontario Skaters racing World Cups!

Congratulations to our Ontario skaters who will be racing at the first four World Cups this fall!

Jordan Belchos will be racing the 5000m and 10,000m; Vincent De Haître the 500m, 1000m and 1500m, Richard MacLennan the 1000m and Rob Watson the mass start.

Ivanie Blondin will be racing the 1000m, 3000m, 5000m and mass start, Alexandra Ianculescu the 500m and 1000m and Lauren McGuire will race the 3000m.

You can congratulate Jordan, Ivanie, Alexandra, Richard, and Lauren on twitter!

Visit Speed Skating Canada’s website for details.


Canada Cup #1 Announcement

Today we received the announcement for Canada Cup #1 to be held November 28-30 in Fort St-John, B.C. Registrations are due by November 21 2014. Please download the announcement and entry form for more information.


OSSA Skaters Excel at Fall Trials

We offer a big congratulations to the OSSA skaters who competed at the long track Fall World Cups Team Trials this past weekend! The results of the event will determine who represents Canada at the first four ISU long track world cups in Obihiro, Japan (Nov. 14-16), Seoul, South Korea (Nov. 21-23), Berlin, Germany (Dec. 5-7), and Heerenveen, Netherlands (Dec. 12-14). 

Vincent DeHaître won the 1,500m with a time of 1:44.75 and the 1,000m with a time of 1:07.71 - only the 43rd skater to finish a 1,000m in under 1:08!!

Ivanie Blondin also had a great weekend winning the 3,000m in 4:07.70, the 5,000m and the mass start race! Rob Watson won the men’s mass start.

Congratulations also to Lauren McGuire, finishing second in the 3,000m with a time of 4:13.66, Isabelle Weidemann finishing third in the 3,000m with a time of 4:13.85, Alexandra Ianculescu finished third in the 1,000m with a time of 1:16.75, and to Jordan Belchos for finishing the 5,000m in 6:32.56, coming second and also finished second in the 10,000m with a time of 13:20.89.

There are more results to be found on SSC’s website. Visit JordanIvanieAlex, and Lauren on twitter to congratulate them! Give Vincent and Isabelle a pat on the back next time you see them around!



Western Regional #2 - Accepting King Entrants

Skaters who were registered for Central Meet #1 will receive priority registration for Western #2 in Brampton on November 8th. Download the announcement for details on the event and get your registration (individual/family) in before the deadline on Wednesday October 29th.

Please note the race program may have to be altered in order to accommodate all of the skaters.


Provincial Series #1 Cambridge

Skaters and coaches should be aware that seeding for Provincial Series #1 (Cambridge, November 1-2, 2014) is based on the year-end ranking list from 2013-2014. See pages 12 - 14 of the OSSA Technical Bulletin.

14 year old skaters will be seeded into the Open group for the purpose of creating Divisions within the meet, on the basis of their 500m+1500m (111.12m track) times from 2013-2014.

Results from Provincial Series #1 will determine which skaters are invited to race at the Short Track Trials (Clarington, November 21-23, 2014) for Canada Winter Games. Two skaters, who are based out of the province, are pre-qualified for the the selection meet based on criteria posted in the OSSA CWG bulletin. They are: Ayanna Badali (Toronto) and Innzbruk Richards (Clarington).

Therefore, 30 female athletes and 32 male athletes who race at PS #1 will be invited to the Short Track Trials in Clarington.